The Christmas funfair and all the memories that come along with it may never leave us, even after the season is over. As the years go by, memories are added upon memories. As we grow, some memories begin to replace the others. Christmas may start to mean some other things to us now, but there are some Christmas memories we had as children that we would never forget. There are some of those childhood Christmas memories that adults can relate to now.

1. The endless Christmas carols

        It is a season of celebrations. Christmas is celebrated each year by the same set of people in different places. We get to celebrate Christmas in school, in church, and at home with our family. The many carols we practice and sing in those different places form layers of amazing memories, we will continue to remember as our kids begin to sing theirs.

2. The Santa visit

       Even though we might have greeted Santa with lots of tears, we sure remember the jolly visits to Santa. We recognize the beautiful gifts we received and how thrilled we were to have them. As we take that trip with our nieces, nephews, and our kids, we remember the excitement we felt when we see how excited they are, and sometimes, we wish that we still believe in Santa.

3. Snowman

       This one is classic. The rain of snow all around us this season will surely bless us with the memories of the snowy Christmas season and the watery snowman we made out of those snows. Of course, it’s still a lot of fun, making a snowman with the little ones.

4. The food

        From cakes and cookies to chicken, how can we forget the many dishes that brought Christmas delight to our tummies? Of course, we still enjoy those dishes, but there’s something about mum’s chicken or grandma’s chicken that we even don’t understand.

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