A lot of us are very familiar with live trees and we can commend the scent that oozes out of a live Christmas tree. This will, therefore, lead to the question of whether its counterpart in the pre-lit or artificial Christmas tree also smells that good.

The truth is that even artificial Christmas trees smell nice! They also have the same fine scent as any other Christmas tree. It is only required for a Christmas tree to smell very nice. To establish the truth, note the following:

  • This smell you get is all due to the presence of a very vital chemical which is known as ‘Terpenes’.
  • These terpenes are also composed of atoms of Hydrogen and Carbon with C5H8 as its chemical formula.
  • Fir trees, pine trees, spruce trees as well as other kinds of trees are chosen as Christmas favorites because of the smell they produce which is due to the influence of the terpenes they have within them.
  • The scent gotten from these terpenes is a different kind of scent and it can only be found on Christmas trees. Artificial Christmas trees also have that smell.
  • Apart from giving out the smell in artificial Christmas trees, these terpenes also fight off harmful and foreign disturbances like herbivores, beetles, and pathogens. This is one of the reasons artificial Christmas trees can last for a long as they do.
  • It is also a long-lasting smell that does not rub off easily.

Artificial Christmas trees also come along as one with a very good smell. This is one of the effects added to these trees in order to make them look so real and rid off herbivores also for presentation purposes.

Getting an artificial Christmas tree should rather not be a problem anymore as you can get a great scent from your artificial Christmas tree always.

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