Every Christmas, we meet interesting characters. They remind us about the season and all the years before that we have continued to meet them. We are accustomed to most of them, and we look forward to them as we look forward to the Christmas season. Here are some of these mystical creatures.

1. Gryla

Let us start with the naughty creature, Gryla. Gryla, according to the myths, is an unfriendly creature that helps to deal with all disobedient kids. Gryla kidnaps all the kids that refuse to listen to their parents. Gryla a giant creature that stays in her cave and only comes out to kidnap naughty kids. He ends up eating them. The mention of this creature undoubtedly must have helped many parents control their kids in the past.

2. Rudolph

We love Rudolph. He is one of the gentle creatures we remember when we see Santa. He has a red nose that gives light bright enough to lead Santa in his was on Christmas Eve. He isn’t just our favorite reindeer; he is also Santa’s favorite. He is the ninth reindeer.

3. Krampus


We don’t like Krampus, but we cannot ignore him. He goes around the same way Santa does, but his aim is absolutely different. If Santa goes round to give gifts to the kids that have been good all through the year, Krampus does the exact opposite. He goes around to punish the kids that have been naughty all through the year.

4. Frosty the snowman

We know him as the molded snow with a bottom nose and a corncob pipe. He is one of the creatures we love. He comes back to life when the weather is cold enough, and you might be lucky to find him dancing in the cold.

5. Santa Claus

We love Santa! He is that creature that rewards us for being good around the year. Santa makes me want to be a kid again, a good one, though.