There are a lot of traditions that are associated with the season of Christmas. Amongst them is the famous Christmas game related to the culture of giving gifts. This game is the Secret Santa Gift Challenge.

Some people will refer to the game as the Kris Kringle. Whatever name you call it, the main aim is to share in the spirit of giving. The challenge can take place amongst a limitless number of people. The rules are clear, same as the process.

Everyone will have their name placed in either a hat or a box -whichever you prefer-. The names are mixed. Each participant in the game walks to the point the hat is, takes out a name and keeps the name a secret. All you now have to do to the person you might have chosen is to get the person a gift.

Note: The pure fun of the game lies in its secrecy. When the gifts are to be delivered also, the rewards should have a label of the recipient on it. But not that of the sender. The sender is the Secret Santa.

You all then choose a time when everyone meets at a selected point, with all the gifts gathered together from the different Secret Santa. When each person takes his/her gift according to the names on the list, they are to guess who the Secret Santa is. Failure to get that correctly means the sender (Secret Santa) comes out to confess.

This game has, over time, been an excellent way to share in the spirit of love and giving that Christmas brings. Every year, family and friends come together to enjoy the fun of the gifting game. Some online platforms offer assistance to those who want to organize the game, especially for those with a large number of participants.

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