An artificial Christmas tree can be an artificial pine or fir tree made specifically for the purpose of usage as a Christmas tree in your home. The earliest artificial Christmas trees (usually wooden in design) were feather trees, pyramid-shaped or feather tree-shaped pyramids, developed by Germans in the 1900s. Feather trees became an instant hit with the Christmas crowd, and their longevity made them a very popular choice as well.

With the advent of new technologies and fancy materials, artificial Christmas trees have taken on a whole new look. Silk, fiberglass and even plastic trees are now available to consumers, and each brings its own unique features and decorative possibilities to the table.

Decorating a tree involves quite a bit more than simply selecting the right colors and placing them into a Christmas pattern. Careful placement of lights, placed accents and strategically placed decor on the ground can help to create the perfect atmosphere for your holiday decorating plans.


Types of Artificial Christmas Trees

Most artificial Christmas trees are either plastic or aluminum. The difference between these two artificial trees is often the price. Plastic trees are by far the least expensive, but they are typically less durable and certainly prone to damage and denting. Aluminum trees are usually the most durable, but also more expensive than plastic.

Many people also choose artificial Christmas trees for their spaces or business because you can pick from a wide variety of different styles. In addition, most artificial Christmas trees are easier to clean and maintenance is usually easier as well.

Overall, artificial Christmas trees are a great way to spruce up your home during the cold winter months without spending a fortune. If you have never built or decorated a real tree before, then it is definitely a great idea to start with an artificial Christmas tree. Not only will you save money, but you will also enjoy decorating and having a beautiful tree to look at each year.