When years are hard, which let’s face it, the last few years have been difficult for lots of people throughout the world. When this is the case, many people want to decorate their tree in a way that reminds them of a better time. This is where the retro theme is really taking off. It reminds everyone of their childhood, thus, this retro theme is really going to be different for every person, depending upon which generation that you belong to. Is a retro theme one that you should consider for your artificial Christmas trees this year? Most definitely! It can bring to light the way that you celebrated Christmas for the younger generation, and it can give you a small smile during times that may be rougher than you ever expected.

So, how do you integrate the retro theme onto artificial Christmas trees?


We have some advice that you can use:

1. Think about when you were younger…what were the themes like then? What types of ornaments were being used? This can give you the first step towards decorating your artificial Christmas trees in a retro theme that is going to mean something to you.

2. If you don’t want to do this in the theme that you had as a younger person, then consider doing some history homework and looking at the themes that were used years before you. You never know when you may find something that just screams  your personality!

3. Shop for Christmas ornaments at thrift stores to find those retro ornaments that you will fall in love with. Plus, since they are retro, you may never know what you will find that ends up inspiring you.

4. Remember, despite the fact that you are doing a retro theme, this doesn’t mean that you cannot add some more modern ornaments into the mix, the idea is just to make the majority of this tree scream “retro”.

The retro theme can be for anyone, it is one theme that is eclectic that is great for those who want an artificial Christmas trees that people are going to talk about and ask questions. They make for a great conversation starter during the holidays since it is decorated in something that is not seen just everyday. So, is the retro theme for you? You will find that it may be, take some time to look at it and see how you can make this even more you.