Believe it or not, flocked Christmas trees are becoming more and more popular among families. Since they’re convenient, there is no doubt that many homes would love to have them for their decor. They hardly shed needles and they are super easy to repurpose. They are convenient due to their reusability and because they shed few needles. Some even have lights already attached!

But is the flocked Christmas tree’s convenience truly worth it?

 Discover the pros and cons of flocked Christmas trees and farm-grown real Christmas trees here, and make your holiday a healthier and more sustainable one.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the most commonly used plastic in artificial trees. A primary source of phthalates, they are one of the most-known endocrine disrupting chemicals (they interfere with hormone production and distribution). And though good for softening plastics (consider soft pine needles), they’re not without several health effects.

Their effects sometimes include asthma, neurological problems, tumors, obesity, type II diabetes, reproductive issues, and infertility among men.

 For a fact, the harmful effects of phthalates on health have caused many of them to be banned from kid’s products. You can also ingest the dust accumulated in your household that’s laced with these chemicals as they migrate or leach out from the plastics.

Additionally, lead is mostly used in stabilizing and making PVC much easier to work with. As the flocked trees age, lead particles can be released from them as well.

Artificial trees present a quite smaller exposure risk, but yes, it is still possible. Many health problems can be caused by lead, and there is no established safe level.

Finally, flame retardants are added to flocked Christmas trees to prevent fires. While flame retardants certainly don’t cause fires, they can cause cancer, decreased fertility in both sexes, immune system disorder, disruption of hormone regulation and creation, and lower IQs and hyperactivity in children.

 There is absolutely no point in having flocked trees in the house if you’ve got plenty kids or pets. Remember, your health matters!

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