The Importance of Getting the Correct Number of Lights for Your Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are likely the centerpiece of any Christmas décor. They may as well be the first things guests notice the moment they step into your home — which explains why you should style correctly.

On the whole, styling and setting up trees for Christmas require that you light properly. You should know what and how and put up ornaments. And of course, how many lights are required to make your tree glow.

While you may want your 6 foot artificial Christmas tree to be the cynosure of all eyes, you should also look out for what’s right.

Tricks for Making Your Tree Look Fuller and Brighter with Lights


The following tips will help you know just how many lights your tree needs: 

Yes, there are no firm rules when it comes to picking lights for your Christmas tree. But there are tricks. The best of all is a general tip and it works quite seamlessly.—before deciding on how many tree lights to get for your piece, consider its height. It’s up to you. You may decide to fix as many lights (or even as few) as you wish, but height matters.

For greater effects, particularly on an unlit Christmas tree, try 100–100 bulbs work well with every 2 ft. of Christmas tree. And if you’re getting a 6 foot artificial Christmas tree, you may need more. A 6 foot tree will at least require up to 300 lights to sparkle.

Another important factor is your space. Before buying lights, consider the number of ceiling lights and windows in your home. These will go a long way in determining the effect you get with your tree. As lighting changes, so also does the appearance of your tree. You may wish to add lights and then consider the brightness of your tree at intervals to decide what’s best.