When it comes time to decorate 6 foot artificial Christmas trees, one of the most common questions that people ask is just how many ornaments do you need for this six foot tree? For those who want a concrete answer, they are going to find that most professional decorators state that they use 12 to 20 Christmas ornaments per square foot of a tree. Thus, when it comes to 6 foot artificial Christmas trees you would want to go with 72 to 120 ornaments on this tree.

How to Choose the Perfect Number of Ornaments for a 6-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree


However, when it comes to decorating with ornaments on any 6 foot artificial Christmas trees, you need to realize that you can go with as little or as many as you want. There are those who prefer their tree to look a little barer, while there are others who want their tree to be weighed down with all sorts of ornaments and baubles. With this being said, here are some great tips for you to find the arrangement and number of ornaments that will look great on your six foot tree!

1. Choose various sizes of ornaments as this can help you to not buy as many ornaments since the various sizes are going to go a long way in filling out the tree…perfect for those who may be on a budget!

2. Start with a small number and work your way up so that you do not feel like you wasted money on ornaments that you do not really need.

3. Are you using a design for inspiration on how you are decorating your tree? If you are, then this can give you a good idea of just how many ornaments you are going to need to make this tree look perfect for your needs!