Christmas Eve is marked by jingling bells throughout the city and enticing decors. In a few months, it will be Christmas, and we’ll begin our celebration of New Year’s Eve. 

What’s more, our harbinger of joy and happiness–Santa Claus, will do the most in making our lives more innocent.

With Santa comes the message of joy, hope, and merriment. He says to always retain the magic of innocence. Never lose your inner child, and ensure that you incorporate some of that energy into everything you do. Probably everything from his spectacles to his sparkling eyes to his red gown down to his white beard is intended to communicate a message.


Santa Claus’s Gestures Are Full of Messages!

Eyes that sparkle

Santa’s sparkling eyes symbolize a child’s innocence. It spurs us to find that childlike quality hidden deep within us and to incorporate that unique feature into our daily lives. No doubt, loving eyes reveal a genuine concern for life.

Low-on-the-nose Spectacles

It’s Christmas–hurray! Watch Santa wear those beloved spectacles in his quirky manner! The difference tells you he does not follow the set notions of perception or stereotypes. Basically, it means his worldview is broad, and that is beautiful.

Beard with snow-white fur

Santa’s dense, snow-white beard signifies wisdom and how much it is important. It tells of the various ways you could handle situations being a sage. It also proves that the most valuable thing you possess is your purity of heart.

For a fact, nothing is as soothing to behold as those odd, but wonderful snow-like beards. Santa keeps it dense and conveys the message that life is full of joy and bliss– all we need to do is behold it.