Why Dogs Can Be Attracted to Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees

For dog owners, every Christmas, they may feel as though a headache is coming on due to the stress. No, it is not the dog itself that is stressing them out. It is how these dog/dogs are going to deal with unlit artificial Christmas trees that are going to be placed in the home. Why is this? Most dogs are naturally inquisitive when anything new comes into the house, and those who are dog owners often find that this can be something as simple as a bag of groceries. So, there is no wonder why dogs are going to try to get into these unlit artificial Christmas trees.

What do dogs do to these unlit artificial Christmas trees? There are those dog owners who say their dog will not stop marking this as their property, which leads to not only having to clean up a lot, but it can lead to your home smelling. Other people have reported that their dogs will not leave any ornament on the tree, that they take these off and then destroy them. So, how can you keep dogs out of your trees this year?


Tips to Keep Dogs Away from Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees

There are several things that people have tried, and whether they work for you or not, that really depends upon your dog:

– Place the tree on a higher surface than the floor to stop dogs from being able to reach it

– Deter dogs from getting around the tree with commands

– Place gates around your tree to keep dogs away

– Do not place ornaments that are going to dangle on the lower branches

– Try to find some scent that your dogs do not like and keep this around the tree

Remember, you love your dog, and dealing with them getting into this tree is only something that you have to deal with throughout the Christmas season.