The Tradition of Christmas Trees in the Navy

When it comes time to decorate 9 foot artificial Christmas trees, many people automatically think of certain colors. They are often thinking of red, gold, white, silver, and the like. However, when it comes to decorating these trees, you will find that these days, it is whatever you want. Anything goes, in other words. So, for those who love the color navy, how can you integrate this into your 9 foot artificial Christmas trees?

Navy is a beautiful dark blue color that is a deep color that is super rich. Thus, when this is used on your 9 foot artificial Christmas trees, you are going to find that it creates a rich and traditional feel to the tree. And you will find that this is a color that can go with other neutrals out there to add some bright spots to the tree. What colors are going to be great to go with this navy?


Eco-Friendly Christmas Decor: How Artificial Trees are Impacting the Navy

We suggest going with white if you really want this to have a traditional theme. But, for those who look at silver or gold, they will find that this can add a touch of brightness to the entire 9 foot artificial Christmas trees. You will find that going with a brighter neutral is a way to ensure the tree does not appear dark and drab.

When it comes to finding ornaments in navy, you can go with traditional bulb ornaments with various textures that are in the navy color to create the look that you have always dreamed of having. Also, be sure to check out some special ornaments that are in this color to put onto your 9 foot artificial Christmas trees to make these special in one way or another to you and your family. You will love the end result when this dark, bold color is combined with a neutral.