Understanding the Importance of Balancing Time Between Families During the Holidays

You spent days decorating your best artificial Christmas trees 2022. You have spent hours wrapping all the gifts that you put under your best artificial Christmas trees 2022. Is everything done? For most people, this is just the beginning. And we are talking about having to divide your time between all the members of your family who want to celebrate. While you may want to spend all your time at home, marveling in the  beauty of your best artificial Christmas trees 2022, chances are you have several engagements or functions that you have to attend as part of your celebrations. It can be hectic, and many people feel like they are being pulled in several different directions. We get it! While we all want a Christmas that is spent cuddled up with a good book while our best artificial Christmas trees 2022 are sparkling in the background, that is not always what we get.

Planning Ahead and Communicating with Your Loved Ones


But, before you start turning into Mr. Scrooge and absolutely hate the holidays because you do have so much to do, you may want to consider some of these tips that are great for those who are having a hard time in dividing their Christmas time among all their families, in-laws, and the like.

1. Remember the purpose of the traditions that you have with the family. Are they still as important? Is there a way to change up something to make it better suited for everyone? This is really important when families combine and there may be two or more functions happening on both sides. You have to pick and choose which is the most important to you.

2. If you have children, remember that their needs should come first. Thus, if they are not happy about having to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with one side and not seeing another — make some changes to make this happen.

3. While you may be feeling under a time crunch, remember to be present at those events that you do attend. Too many times we are thinking about the next place to go and we miss all the memories that are being made right now.

4. Set boundaries. This is super important! There is no shame in telling an in-law that you cannot possibly attend as the other side is doing something at that time that you have never missed. Or in some cases, when they gather frequently during the Christmas season, you have to say no, and opt to attend one event.

We all want to ensure that no one is disappointed on Christmas — after all who wants to be the person that ends up making someone else miserable. However, it is not fair to you to be trying to do everything at the same time and never truly get to enjoy the Christmas season. So, make some rules this year, set some boundaries, and take time to enjoy those festivities that you do attend. Most importantly, make some “me” time around your best artificial Christmas trees 2022 to help yourself recharge.