The Benefits of Choosing a 7 Foot Artificial Christmas Tree for The Holidays

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or need to replace an old, worn-out Christmas tree, buying an artificial tree is a great way to bring life and joy into your holiday season. While there are many different sizes and styles of artificial trees available on the market, 7 foot artificial Christmas trees offer the perfect balance between grandeur and convenience. Measuring at 212 cm or 84 inches (7 feet) tall, these trees are not too big and not too small, making them the ideal choice for most homes.

When choosing a 7 foot artificial Christmas tree, it’s important to consider a few factors such as size, shape, material, light options, ease of assembly and price. To determine the right size tree for your space, measure the area where you plan to put the tree in order to get an approximate measurement of its height when fully assembled. Once you have that number in mind, you can select an appropriately sized 7 foot artificial Christmas tree so that it will fit perfectly in your desired location.

The shape of your 7 foot artificial Christmas tree can also affect how it looks in your home. Artificial trees come in many shapes ranging from traditional full and slim profiles to more unique cone and spiral styles. Depending on how much space you have available in your home and what kind of look you’re aiming for will help determine which shape is best for your needs.


Top Picks for Gorgeous 7 Foot Artificial Christmas Trees in 2021

The material used to create an artificial tree plays a major role in determining how realistic it looks. Typical materials used include PVC needles which give off a classic holiday feel; PE (polyethylene) which provides a softer look; and PVC-PE mix which offers both realism and flexibility all in one package. Many manufacturers even offer pre-lit models with LED lights already attached so all you have to do is string up garlands or decorations around them without having to worry about extra wiring work!

When it comes time to assemble your 7 foot artificial Christmas tree, convenience should be top priority when selecting one. Look for features like hinged branches that pop open like an umbrella upon opening or ones with pre-attached hooks on each section so all you have to do is connect them together quickly without any fuss involved! Additionally, some brands offer innovative designs that make assembly easier than ever before with lightweight materials that go up quickly without any tools needed whatsoever!

Finally, don’t forget about pricing when shopping around. Artificial trees typically range from low cost models made from cheaper materials such as PVC needles up to premium versions with PE tips or mixed materials along with additional features such as pre-installed lights or special attachments for easy assembly etc… Try looking online for discounts or sales if possible since these can often save you money while still providing quality options within budget!

In conclusion, choosing the right 7 foot artificial Christmas tree doesn’t have to be difficult when considering size, shape and material along with ease of assembly and cost factors at play. With all these key elements taken into account during the selection process plus some research done ahead of time regarding discounts/sales – you should be able to find a beautiful holiday centerpiece fitting within budget that brings joy into every corner of your home this season!