A Classic Christmas with Artificial Christmas Trees

What is the first thoughts that come to mind when you think about Christmas? It is sitting down and wrapping all the great gifts that you have carefully selected for family and friends? Maybe it is sitting down next to your tree and drinking a cup of coffee while it glows in the background? Or maybe you think about the […]

What Makes a Good-Looking Artificial Christmas tree?

With each passing Christmas, the trends surrounding festivities seem to change. While it was once a long-honored tradition to go out and choose a Christmas tree, artificial Christmas trees are growing more popular among families and individuals alike. In this day and age, they are among the best types of Christmas trees to buy, because they’re easy to maintain and […]

How Artificial Christmas Trees Have Changed over the Years

An artificial Christmas tree can be an artificial pine or fir tree made specifically for the purpose of usage as a Christmas tree in your home. The earliest artificial Christmas trees (usually wooden in design) were feather trees, pyramid-shaped or feather tree-shaped pyramids, developed by Germans in the 1900s. Feather trees became an instant hit with the Christmas crowd, and […]

Do flocked Christmas Trees get messy?

Truth be told, flocked Christmas trees get messy. And sometimes, really messy that you’re tempted to kick them all out. But wait! Flocking as a process might seem messy (especially when it is done inside), but it isn’t all unattractive. If you’re flocking outside or somewhere in a basement, then a sprinkle of mess wouldn’t be an issue. Speaking of […]

The Secret Santa Gift Exchange

There are a lot of traditions that are associated with the season of Christmas. Amongst them is the famous Christmas game related to the culture of giving gifts. This game is the Secret Santa Gift Challenge. Some people will refer to the game as the Kris Kringle. Whatever name you call it, the main aim is to share in the […]

The Mystical creatures of Christmas

         Every Christmas, we meet interesting characters. They remind us about the season and all the years before that we have continued to meet them. We are accustomed to most of them, and we look forward to them as we look forward to the Christmas season. Here are some of these mystical creatures. 1. Gryla      Let us start with […]

Pre-lit Versus Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees

When you are searching for the perfect artificial Christmas tree to put into your home, you are going to find that there are tons of options! And one of these options is an artificial Christmas tree that has lights already on it and those that do not. This  is a major difference and one choice that people will want to […]