One of the most important things to consider when selecting the perfect Christmas tree is the tree’s measurements. The size and shape of your tree will help you to visualize the best decoration theme to use. It would also help you to know what sizes and shapes of decoration elements to use.

For better understanding, we have come up with a short guide on all that you need to know to find the perfect tree size for your home.


Christmas trees are often located in a place where family and loved ones gather to spend quality time together. Before picking a tree, you need to map out the designated location for it. With that, you have an idea of what size of tree can fit in properly.

In selecting a location, ensure that your tree is located away from a source of heat such as a fireplace, heating vents, and exhausts.

How to measure a Christmas tree space

Before purchasing your tree, measure out the mapped-out location. For this, you would need a measuring tape, a small ladder, and some jotting material.

Start by measuring the height of the space (ceiling to the floor) with the measuring tape. This would give the maximum height limit of the tree.

Next up, measure out the width of the available space. Subtract  at least one foot from this measurement for allowance space.

Finally, subtract one foot from the measured height and multiply it by the width. With that, you should get an accurate measurement of the available space for the tree.

Choosing height and shape for artificial trees

Using the earliermeasurement, you can easily select the perfect tree for you and your family. For smaller spaces, you can purchase a 6 to 6 ½ ft. tree. Average-sized apartments can take 7 to 7 ½ ft. trees.

For a large residence, a 9 ft. tree would do just fine. 10 to 12 ft. trees are grand and best fit for large areas. 15 to 30 ft. trees are perfect for public spaces.

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