The Pros and Cons of Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees

When you are searching for the perfect artificial Christmas tree to put into your home, you are going to find that there are tons of options! And one of these options is an artificial Christmas tree that has lights already on it and those that do not. This  is a major difference and one choice that people will want to make immediately as to whether they want this or not.

A pre-lit artificial Christmas tree is going to have lights that are manufactured onto these trees. They are going to be the kind that you set up, and immediately you can plug it in and be ready to go. These lights can be in white or they can be multi-colored. Of course, those who want to go all out and can actually change the bulb color on each strand if they so desire to create a custom look. An unlit artificial Christmas tree is exactly as it sounds, it will not have any lights on this, and you will have to do this on your own to get the lights that you want. So, which is better? This has been a debate for several years as these pre-lit trees came onto the market, with everyone having their own opinion about this.


Choosing Between Pre-Lit and Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees: Which Option is Best for You?

There are several pros and cons to both of these options, so let’s highlight a few so you can make a better informed decision!

  1. Pre-lit trees eliminate to having to deal with stringing lights onto a tree.
  2. Pre-lit trees come in limited options meaning that some people prefer to have an unlit tree to get it however they want in terms of lights.
  3. If the lights go out a pre-lit tree then you have to go through and find the problem one, replace this or start stringing your own lights on this like it is an unlit tree.

So, which is better? That is truly up to you! If you enjoy trees with white lights, then you may highly enjoy a pre-lit Christmas tree as it is already going to have the colors that you want. It can be easier to set up and finish than an unlit tree in which you are having to string the lights. However, stringing the lights for some people is just a huge part of getting ready for Christmas, so they often choose to go with an unlit tree.