With a multitude of inexpensive, easy and wonderful DIY ideas, you can bring your artificial Christmas trees to life. Gone are the days when people thought getting an artificial Christmas tree meant depriving themselves of real joy that comes from a real evergreen.

You can do so much at home to give your tree and entire house a stunning and glamorous Christmas makeover. The best part is that most DIY ideas below are easy and inexpensive and you can even have your kids join you in making them.

The end results are nothing less than what you see coming from decorators we tell you. So roll your sleeves up, gather your supplies and get to work for some yuletide joy.

Handmade Wooden Ornaments

These are easier than you think trust us. It does not take a professional woodworker to carve out wooden ornaments. You can make this easy DIY project yours with a few simple supplies at home. You only need a couple of wood slices, either cut them yourselves or just grab a bunch or two from the craft store.

Also get some metallic paint pens. The rest? Well simply customize the wood slices with Christmas quotes, phrases, wishes, family names or some inspirational words for the season. Then run a piece of string through them and hang them onto your tree.

Add Natural Textures

For this DIY decorating idea, you only need to put your hat, sneakers and glasses on and head out with the kids for some fun. Go hunting in the woods for unique elements that can transform into ornaments for your tree.

Pine cones, berries and flowers for example, make a splendid choice. They’d add tons of visual interest and natural texture to your tree. You could further adorn them with some glitter glue and ribbons. A garland of dried citrus would also make a stunning element.

Pom Pom Trees

This DIY is also a fun activity for the kids during the season. You can place a pom pom tree in each of your child’s room to spread some cheer there too. For this DIY idea, you have to flex your muscles, gather plush pom poms and assemble them into the shape of a tree. You can use an adhering agent to hold the pom poms into place.

Oh, and try to find as many colorful pom poms as possible. Place a big ribbon bow on the top and you will have the most eclectic DIY Christmas decoration to show off to your visitors.

Aluminum Tree

Do you have lots of useless aluminum scraps at home? It’s time to put them to use this Christmas. Gather all the aluminum scraps, find a DIY guide online and build a glistening metallic tree for your décor this season.

It will produce a scaly effect but that will only look all the more charming. You can add a more beautiful touch with borders of green garlands.

Country Décor

Want to add some country charm to your Christmas décor this season? Then you only need a mini balsam fir tree to place on your entryway table. Then find a plaid bow, some tartan ornaments, cranberry garland and clip-on candlesticks.

If you need a tree stand, you can find a stoneware crock to fill the role. Then decorate away and watch your space exude some country magic.