What is the one thing that you love doing while you are putting up and decorating the artificial Christmas trees? Most people love to listen to some Christmas music, turn on a Christmas movie, and maybe even eat a few Christmas treats. One of the treats that people love to eat no matter what time of the year are brownies. But, how can you make brownies more related to the Christmas theme of your artificial Christmas trees? We have the steps to do this that are going to be crowd pleasers and everyone will want to help decorate the tree when they know that brownies are involved!

1. Bake the brownies as you normally would. Whether you do this homemade or from a box, go with whatever you are more comfortable in using.

2. Once the brownies have cooled, you need to cut these into triangles. Or you can get fancy and use a tree cookie cutter to do this.

3. Once you have these cut, then take candy canes and break one into three pieces. You will then stick this into the bottom of this brownie to make it look like the trunk of the tree.

4. Next take some cookie icing and curve this onto the brownie. You can do whatever decoration that you want, just go sparingly to make these super tasty.

5. Then take some red, green, and white sprinkles and put this onto the icing. You can even take a red hot and put this at the top of the tree to show a topper.

Put these onto a plate, and sit them in the room where you are decorating your artificial Christmas trees. And as you put the décor up, then grab a sweet snack to keep you in the holiday spirit!

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