Pre-lit Christmas trees are all about longevity and convenience, designed to minimize the hassle that comes with Christmas preparations. Rather than going out of your way to shop for lights, all you need to do is simply plugin as the decorative lights are already installed in the tree. Fashioning the lights in each branch and navigating through countless bulbs and wire tangles are perhaps the most frustrating tasks related to decorating a tree. When you have that taken care of, you can move to the more fun part, like adding baubles, ribbons, and décor. These pre-lit Christmas trees come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors, but conventionally the lights will typically offer a warm or cool white glow and even, sometimes even multicolored illumination. If you opt for LED lights, you can save quite a lot on your electricity bills as these are energy-saving bulbs that also last for a long time.

When picking a pre-lit Christmas tree, make sure to go for one that markets “real feel” or “authentic needles” so you can stay as close to the real tree experience as possible. Also, keep in mind that hinged tree branches are permanently attached to the tree, so you won’t have to worry about attaching them individually yourself. When picking the size, you should keep in mind your current space and the theme you are going for. Here are some pre-lit Christmas tree ideas that you can try out this year:

Slim Pre-lit Christmas Tree

If you do not have space for an enormous Christmas tree, then you can consider a slim 7 to 8-foot tall pre-lit tree. It will be equipped with lights that will not only look classy and modern but will also you a lot of money and effort.

Flocked Pre-lit Christmas Tree

Are you planning to decorate around a winter wonderland theme? Then a flocked tree is your best option. These pre-lit Christmas trees come white and give the impression that they were freshly cut and brought from a snowy forest. You can pair the tree with winter-styled decorations such as white or clear baubles, cream ribbons, and snowflake ornaments for that breath-taking North-pole vibes.

Giant Dunhill Pre-lit Christmas Tree

If you are ready to go all out this Christmas with a colossal Christmas tree that is bound to leave your guests watching with awe then a 10 – 12 foot Dunhill fir tree is your best bet. You can choose the light to be either clear, dual, or multicolor.

Bare Birch Pre-lit Christmas Tree

If you are someone with minimalistic preferences but also don’t wish to comprise the aesthetic, then we recommend choosing a bare birch tree that is adorned with tiny twinkling lights. The best height for this tree would be somewhere around 6 to 7 –foot, just for that chic look.

All White Pre-lit Christmas Tree

If you want to go the unconventional route while still transforming your room space into a magical haven, then go for an all-white Christmas tree. White trees look absolutely stunning, and when fashioned with the right lights and ornaments, they will become your favorite decoration ever!

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