Ever wondered why pre-lit Christmas trees seem to be all the rage in our homes today, or what exactly distinguishes them from the unlit? Keep scrolling. You’ll find all you need to know within seconds.

Unlit vs. pre-lit

When you opt-in for an unlit Christmas tree, you have the liberty to pick out the details of the light you want to put on it as you get to buy the light separately. In the case of prelit trees, the light cannot be moved, but it helps you solve that problem of a grumpy time with untangling the lights from the tree because all you have to do is unplug and put the tree back in the box.

The choice for a prelit Christmas tree can be very compelling because it saves you a lot as regards to cost; buying the tree and the light separately. However, when you opt-in for an unlit tree, you would have to bear the cross of getting a separate light. But you would have the freedom of full expression as it regards being creative with your lightning.

One thing that makes prelit trees get a little tricky to get is weight. It tends to be heavier than lit Christmas trees and that right there is what unlit trees have as one of its advantages. Unlit trees are relatively lighter when compared to a prelit Christmas tree.

Finally, in consideration of what makes unlit Christmas trees and prelit Christmas trees differ from each other, more people opt-in for the prelit trees according to statistics. Why? Primarily because, unlike unlit trees, you can use it over again with minimal stress of setting it up or setting it down.

Your preferences are the most important, either it is the prelit Christmas trees or the unlit ones, your choice is final. Pick the best that you know suits you the most.

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