Garland is one of those items that everyone thinks of as being a staple to use throughout the Christmas season. However, while we see all these pictures of this and the way that it is really helping to pull together a room, most people are still unsure of how to decorate with garland. Thankfully, we have a few tips that can help you decorate like a pro with garland!

The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Like a Pro with Garland

1. Double up the greenery. Most pine garlands are too skinny to seem expensive. It’s an easy fix… simply wind two or three collectively for a luxe appearance and spend lots of time fluffing out all of the branches. It’s additionally actually high-end to combine two or extra special kinds of greenery together. Pine, cedar, juniper and eucalyptus all appear extremely good together.

2. Add lights. String them on thick and attempt to tuck the wires into the branches as tons as possible. If your garland got here with lights, you nonetheless would possibly favor to add extra so it’s more vibrant and twinkly at night. And I love the seem of the use of two exceptional sorts of lights— like mixing trendy lights with large bulb lights or star-shaped lights or mini fairy lights. It provides dimension and activity to the completed garland. One different factor to reflect on with lights is whether or not your garland will be close to a plug. If not, there are a lot of battery-operated mild strings that will work. Nothing ruins the appearance of a garland like an extension twine walking down the wall.


3. Add ribbon. The trick to getting ribbon to seem super on a garland is to purchase wired ribbon and use florist wire. Prep your ribbon by using twisting an eight inch piece of wire around the ribbon, each 12 inches. You can even add in a second ribbon of a different color and design to make this garland stand out even more and make it pop with design and color.

4. Add in some small details to make the garland more unique. For example, some people decide to put ornaments onto their garland, others may hang candy canes from their garland. The key is to make this something that not only fits in with the theme that you are using, but is going to be beautiful to look at.

You will find that there is no set ground rules for how to decorate with garland or what you can do to improve the natural beauty of garland. You need to do whatever works for you and the decor that you have in mind for the rest of your home. When you match your garland with your tree theme you are going to find that you end up loving the results even more. And the artificial Christmas garland that you are decorating with will be something that is adding to the beauty of the tree, not sticking out like it doesn’t belong, which is often what people thinks happens if they are not decorating right with garland.