Why Flocked Christmas Trees are the Perfect Addition to Your Holiday Decor

Truth be told, flocked Christmas trees get messy. And sometimes, really messy that you’re tempted to kick them all out.

But wait!

Flocking as a process might seem messy (especially when it is done inside), but it isn’t all unattractive. If you’re flocking outside or somewhere in a basement, then a sprinkle of mess wouldn’t be an issue.

Speaking of mess, there are chances some damp flocking will stick to your floor while flocking. And in some cases, they might also stick to your clothes.

The Benefits of Choosing a Flocked Christmas Tree for Your Home


But that’s also not an issue. At least, not one you can’t deal with in a matter of minutes. With just a stiff broom and some moments of scraping, the flocking on the floor is gone. And for your clothes, a simple wash or laundry will do.

Are there possibilities of your flocked Christmas tree getting messy as time goes on? Yes! And sadly so.

Each time you move the tree or attempt to jostle its branches, some flocking drop off. And in the end, they mess up the floor.

There are also chances some flocking will drop when you’re moving the tree into the house. You can only take caution to ensure it doesn’t drop excessively.

And since it is no longer damp, it will probably drop as white dust which can easily be swept and cleaned up.

Flocked Christmas Trees get messy and may sometimes need to be replaced, but not because of flocking.

 After so many years of use—say about four or five, some branches are likely to get droopy and may disfigure the look of the entire tree.

Then you’d have to think replacement, even though flocking still seems to be in good shape.

As already mentioned, the trees may lose flocking year after year, but that doesn’t call for the addition of more flocking, necessarily.