The technique and ingredient combination needed to flock artificial Christmas trees varies according to the tree type and, perhaps, size. A 6- foot might require one while the 7 foot artificial Christmas tree requires a completely different combo.

But regardless, you will need patience and a great deal of trial-and-error to master the process.

Before flocking your tree, check to see if your warranty covers it. Make sure the tree you select is safe and resilient enough to bear the load of snow-making.

The simplest of trees can be transformed into stunning decorations with a little flocking.

After each holiday season, all you need to do is clean and store your flocked artificial Christmas tree. Keep dust from accumulating in the tree by cleaning often.

During storage, your tree may become discolored, but it can still be restored to its original beauty.

With the following tips, you can clean a yellowed flocked artificial Christmas tree. Keep reading!

1.   Clean your yellow flocked artificial Christmas tree according to the package’s instructions. Or still, you may contact the manufacturer’s customer service department.

2.   Keep the yellowed tree exposed to the sunlight for several hours. Subtle discolorations on trees can usually be resolved by exposure to the sun. And yeah, summer and spring are the best times to accomplish this.

3.   A solution of 3 parts white vinegar and 1 part water sprayed on affected branches may be more effective than sunlight alone. It is best to place the tree in direct sunlight for 12 hours at least. A tree can be restored to its former glory by the sun when it has been stained by subtle discolorations.

And through the reaction of vinegar and sunlight, the branches will be bleached white.

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